The Power of Education

"What nutrition and reproduction are to physiological life, education is to social life." -John Dewey Democracy and Education

"Critical pedagogy is not about an a priori method that simply can be applied regardless of context. It is the outcome of particular struggles and is always related to the specificity of particular contexts, students, communities, and available resources. It draws attention to the ways in which knowledge, power, desire, and experience are produced under specific conditions of learning and illuminates the role that pedagogy plats as part of a struggle over assigned meanings, modes of expression, and directions of desire, particularly as these bear on the formation of the multiple and ever-contradictory versions of the 'self' and its relationship to the larger society." -Henry A. Giroux On Critical Pedagogy

This academy is a community of scholars and learners who are interested in studying politics, government, and society. Our community is dedicated to inclusive and communal learning, and we place value on each individual contribution. Informed by the critical pedagogic theories of Dewey, Freire, Giroux, and hooks, this community aims to provide access to, and stimulate, democratic engagement to confront the major challenges of today.

Organized in a more traditional manner, each course provides an introduction to the major terms and concepts employed in the field today. Community members are  encouraged to engage with each other in the application of these concepts to modern issues and challenges. Through collaborative learning, we are able to reach higher level of learning and use the tools acquired to confront real world problems.

Education, we believe, is the gateway to power. We hope that these courses help foster a passion for learning and democratic engagement. The only requirement to join is an open mind and a passion for learning.

No fees, no spam, just democratic education.


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