We offer Courses in the Following Major Subfields of Political Science

American Politics

Courses in American politics examine the structure and function of government and politics in the United States.

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Comparative Politics

Courses in comparative politics use the comparative method to compare domestic politics across nation-states and or non-state actors.

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Public Policy

Courses in public policy focus on narrow policy areas and or phenomenon through analysis of constitutions, legislative acts, and or judicial decisions.

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Research Methods

Courses in research methods outline and demonstrate the major methodologies employed in the discipline.

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Political Theory

Courses in political theory examine the theoretical foundations of the discipline. Often in the form of close-reading exercises, testing, and formulation, political theory provides the basis from which all other subfields are constructed.

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International Relations

Courses in international relations examine the relationships across nation-states and non-state actors to better understand government and political phenomenon.

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